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Aerial Silks Lessons

Learn to build up enough strength to hold yourself up in the air on silks, invert and climb on them. Learn wraps, focus on proper technique and eventually learn tricks and sequences from up in the air. We focus on safety and building a strong foundation from the ground before advancing higher into the air.

We specialize in ages 13 to 99


Aerial Silks Lessons:

Private lesson:            $60/hr

Semi-private lesson:   $80/hr (=$40/person)

By appointment only

What my students are saying:

I've been taking classes for 2 months now and I'm completely hooked!

It's so much fun and you are getting fit in the process- perfect combo. It's the one hour of my day that's all mine - any stress I'm experiencing at that time just disappears the moment class starts and when it's over, somehow, the things that were bothering me before don't bother me anymore

-Stacy Canino-

Thank you card from a student:

"Maggie, what fun! I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to experience aerial silks. I absolutely loved it and hope to try it again when I am back in Georgia. I appreciated your approach to teaching by modeling, modeling a second time if I needed it and letting me get right to it step by step. You are an exceptional teacher.

With great appreciation,

-Meggan Marshall"

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