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About Me

Maggie Hudson is a seasoned fitness professional with over two decades of experience in the industry, complemented by four years dedicated to the study of aerials. Hailing from Germany, her fitness journey commenced in childhood with gymnastics, evolving into a decade of competitive dance. Upon relocating to the USA, Maggie diligently earned certifications as a personal fitness trainer, group fitness instructor, and health coach. This expertise fueled the establishment of her thriving in-home personal training enterprise, where she oversees a team of five trainers.

Over the years, Maggie's career path led her to the role of aerobics coordinator at Ultimate Fitness, as well as instructing at prominent establishments such as Australian Body Works, Gold’s Gym, Ladies’ Workout Express, and LA Fitness. She even took her expertise to the high seas, delivering fitness classes and lectures aboard cruise ships. Maggie's accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, as she's been featured on local television and has presented numerous engaging lectures and seminars on fitness, including specialized workshops for fellow instructors.

While Maggie's journey through the fitness world has been impressive, it was the discovery of circus arts that truly ignited her passion. Always an admirer of the circus, she relished the opportunity to master high-flying disciplines like the trapeze, aerial silks, and lyra. After an extensive journey of classes, workshops, and private lessons, she proudly achieved certification as an aerial silks teacher. Maggie's greatest joy lies in sharing the exhilarating world of aerial arts with others. Her ultimate aspiration is to ignite a fire within individuals, motivating them to embrace and savor a vibrant, healthful lifestyle.



Her certifications are:

Aerial Silks Teacher, Circus Arts Institute

Bungee Fitness Instructor

Corrective Exercise Specialist, The Biomechanics Method

Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA

Personal Fitness Trainer, ACE

Health Coach, ACE

Senior Fitness Specialist, ACE


Maggie lives in Suwanee, Georgia with her husband Darrell and their three children. When she is not teaching aerial silks lessons or performing, you can find her dancing on aerial silks and lyra, and trying out any circus arts class she comes across.

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