Q: What can I expect in my Intro Class?

A: When you come in, you will be asked to sign a waiver and then we will weigh you (descretely in a corner, don't worry) so we can assign the correct bungee size to you. After we fit you in a harness, we will attach you to your bungee. Now you will have some time to explore the feeling of being on a bungee. Then we will go through some basic bungee exercises together.

Q: What do I wear to the bungee fitness class?

A: We recommend wearing long, tight fitting pants and a long top that will cover your midsection. Some people are sensitive to the harness, so you might want to bring padded bike shorts or wear 2 pair of leggings. Please bring soft soled shoes - you're not permitted to wear outside shoes in our bungee room. 

Q: I'm out of shape. Is this class for me?

A: This class is suited for any fitness level. We will show you modifications to make this a workout for your comfort level.

Q: Is there a weight/size limit?

A: Yes, as of now, we have bungees that accommodate a weight range from 90 lbs to 220 lbs. The harnesses accommodate a waist up to 48 inches and thighs up to 34 inches.  If you seem to be outside the range, please contact us.

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: Yes, we can accommodate ages 16 and up.

Q: This looks just like playing, am I really getting a workout?

A: The benefits of bungee fitness are plenty:

It works your core every moment you spend hanging from the bungee cord to keep you stabilized. Your muscles are stimulated with no pressure on delicate joints. This is a low-impact workout. You build strength and stamina because working out with a bungee, you're suddenly a much lighter person and you can move faster with less effort and get all the cardio you need. Your vestibular system is getting a good workout as well and will promote better balanceLet's not forget: an improved sense of humor! When you're bouncing around like a kid, it's hard not to laugh and smile. You will walk away from this workout feeling good about yourself and life in general.

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